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Parking lots, Subdivisions

How long does it take to complete Parking lot or sub?
These jobs are completely dependant on size. Each job will be given estimation on time to complete.

How much asphalt ad stone are required on parking lots, subdivisions?
These Jobs are usually done from plans, so the amount required is dependant on what the plans call for.

When should parking lot/subdivision be patched?
Resurfacing is ideal when the surface has deteriorated but the base is still stable. The pavement may have widespread alligator cracking.

How often should a parking lot be striped?
Can be done throughout the life cycle of the pavement. Some lots are retried annually.

Can you pave/stripe when business is in operation/
We develop a plan to section off the parking lot to maintain traffic flow thru the project. Tenants, customers, homeowners (in subdivision) are notified so they can plan accordingly. We can also pave after business hours to accommodate.

Residential Driveways

How long to complete a residential driveway?
Always dependent on size, but typically takes 1-2 days from start to finish (grade to pave).

What process is involved in paving?
Prepare area to be paved by adding ABC stone base, grading, rolling and compacting, pave with specified grade hot mix asphalt, roll and compact.

How thick does stone base need to be?
Depends on the application, but most all residential driveways require between 4-6 inches stone base, rolled and compacted.

How thick does the asphalt need to be?
a) New driveway = 2 ½ inches compacted to 2 inches thick.
b) Asphalt overlay = 1 to 1 ½ inches thick 9depends on the condition of the existing asphalt)

What is an overlay of resurfacing?
Resurfacing is the process of installing a new layer of asphalt over the existing pavement.

How can I tell if my driveway needs to be resurfaced?
Resurfacing is ideal when the surface seems to be deteriorating but the base is still stable. The pavement looks as though it is alligator cracking.

Concrete vs. asphalt, which costs more?
Concrete is more expensive per sq yd than Asphalt

As a homeowner, how could I reduce the cost of my driveway?
Check in neighborhood, close proximity to house to see if several neighbors want to give driveways paved at the same time and each will get better price.

What about just patching?
Patching is the process of excavating isolated areas and replacing them with asphalt. Patching can be done on as needed basis.

How do I know if my driveway just needs to be removed and replaced?
This is the process of completely removing the existing pavement and replacing it. This is only done if the existing pavement is completely unusable due to age, neglect or change of use and there is no other option but to remove and replace.

When should I have my driveway seal coated?
Asphalt driveways should be sealed in the first year after initial pavement, then every 2 years. It should not be sealed within 90 days of initial paving.

How long should I stay off the driveway after services are complete?
Usually 2-3 days.