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Tips to Remember

  • Always avoid oil and gas spills and if you have a car dripping oil, place a piece of plywood underneath your car to protect your driveway.
  • Make sure your car is in motion when turning on your driveway to avoid tire marks and scuffing of your driveway.
  • Always remember that asphalt is a flexible material and on hot sunny days asphalt is more venerable depressions, scuffing and tire marks. In time, curing will solve this problem. These marks, etc. will in no way affect the durability and quality of the pavement.
  • Any areas inaccessible to the pavers will have to behind laid and this will result in a different texture of the pavement. Any loose rock from jobs hand-laid is common and will become non-existent over time.
  • Construction joints will be visible until sufficient amount of traffic has passed.
  • Marks caused by the roller are unavoidable and in no way affect the job quality.
  • Please read all terms and conditions of the contract.
  • Big Foot Paving warrants/guarantees all work for a period of one year after completion unless otherwise stated.